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Safeguarding Service

Judicium Education’s Safeguarding Service is intended to assist schools in adhering to the statutory guidance for schools and colleges on safeguarding children and safer recruitment. The service consists of:

1. Annual safeguarding audit

In the first year of your subscription the audit will take place onsite at your school (if possible). In subsequent years the audit may be carried out on site or virtually using video services such as Zoom or Teams. In addition to reviewing your policies and processes such as Single Central Record, Child Protection Files, site security, Safer Recruitment and so on, the audit may also involve interviewing not only the Designated Safeguarding Lead(s) but also other school leaders and relevant stakeholders including children. The purpose of the audit will be to examine the quality and efficacy of your safeguarding arrangements and make recommendations for improvements where appropriate. This part of the audit will last approximately one day on site.

2.Unlimited Advisory service

Our Safeguarding experts are available during working hours to advise by email or telephone on any Safeguarding matter that arises, including initial response to a critical incident. Access out of hours is also available for emergencies. Where it is necessary to carry out an investigation, our Safeguarding consulates will assist your school to manage the investigation by briefing and assisting your internal, appointed investigator. Where the school wishes to appoint an independent investigator, our consultants are able to carry out this service at a discounted rate.

3.Drafting or updating your safeguarding documentation

In the first year of your subscription, we shall carry out an in-depth review of all your safeguarding documentation. Where policies are unsuitable or outdated, we shall draft new or update existing polices, with a view to bringing all your safeguarding documentation up to date and ensuring it is appropriate to your school and fit for the intended purpose.

4.Live Training at your school

During the first year of your subscription, we shall deliver a live training session to the most critical Safeguarding parties including the Designated Safeguarding Lead and other school leaders. Additional live training is available at a discounted rate. Where your school is part of a Multi Academy Trust, the training may be shared with other schools in the Trust. All our training is CPD accredited.

5.Online eLearning

In addition to our live training sessions, subscription also includes unlimited access to our library of Safeguarding courses. Access to our safeguarding, CPD accredited courses is unlimited to all school employees.

6.Newsletter and updating

Usually once per term, the school will receive a Newsletter with updates on legal, regulatory or guidance or Ofsted changes that are forthcoming with a view to enabling the school leadership and governing body to keep abreast of their responsibilities.

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Instructor Led Training

Upon receiving a booking, whether online, in writing or by telephone, Judicium will confirm our acceptance whether verbally, in writing or both. All bookings for training and in-company services are subject to the Judicium Training Agreement

Don't forget...

.... that our HR Advisory service now includes an annual visit to your school.  You can use this visit to apprise us of any new developments in your school or alternatively to assist you with any HR issues that are better dealt with face to face.

There is no extra cost for this visit and it is available to all HR Advisory clients old and new.  If you would like to book a visit by one of our consultants to your school, please contact us on 0845 459 7013.

"Head teachers have a difficult job and often have to balance several conflicting viewpoints. Indeed, when dealing with multiple stakeholders and various interested parties simultaneously, it is always good to have a "reflective hand" to provide advice and guidance.” John Leigh, Head teacher - Sandbach Academy

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