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New service: Data Protection Officer (DPO)

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The role of the DPO

As we’ve mentioned in the past the GDPR regulations which come into effect in May 2018 carry an obligation on all schools to appoint a Data Protection Officer.

This is an extensive role, calling for up-to-date expertise on all aspects of data protection. In addition, the role will involve:
  • Acting as first port of call for contact with the Information Commissioner, other regulatory authorities, staff and parents
  • Assisting in the creation of a data processing compliance system for the school as well as maintaining and monitoring those system
  • Managing data protection enquiries including subject access requests from data subjects
  • Conducting internal audits
  • Informing and advising the school and its employees on respective obligations
  • Providing training to employees
Your options

The regulations allow for a number of options in the appointment of a Data Protection Officer. Schools may:
  • Appoint internally someone that is willing with the suitable expertise and is suitably independent from management, or
  • Recruit a new person for the role, or
  • Appoint an external expert such as Judicium to take the role on
Over the last few weeks, many of you have contacted us to ascertain whether Judicium will be offering such a service.

We are now pleased to announce that a Data Protection Officer service will be available from April onwards.

Data protections experts are a rare commodity and in order that we may allocate resources efficiently we would be very grateful, if your school is interested this service, that you contact at the earliest point you feel possible.

Full details of the service are available on our website www.judiciumeducation.co.uk or you can email enquiries@judicium.com or call Alex on 020 7336 8403.

Don't forget...

.... that our HR Advisory service now includes an annual visit to your school.  You can use this visit to apprise us of any new developments in your school or alternatively to assist you with any HR issues that are better dealt with face to face.

There is no extra cost for this visit and it is available to all HR Advisory clients old and new.  If you would like to book a visit by one of our consultants to your school, please contact us on 0845 459 7013.

"The quality of Judicium’s advice means that problems are dealt with quickly saving me valuable time, reducing our staffing costs and improving classroom performance.” Gary Walker, Head teacher - Peafield Lane Primary and Nursery School

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